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A Neutral Palette Is Not A Boring Palette


When it comes to choosing a color palette for the office, more often than not neutral is the popular choice. One of the biggest reasons for that is the fact that neutral is easy on the eye and easy to match everything to. That being said, a lot of people equate neutral with boring when it does not necessarily have to be so.

Office interior design has evolved in such a way that a number of new design elements are being incorporated into it. From glass office doors, to office doors with radical designs, to office doors with matching window, a lot of new ideas are taking shape.

Coming back to neutral palettes if matched in an interesting manner, they can turn out great. Here are a few ideas:
Like in the picture, neutral color tonality coupled with white and an orange upholstered chair can really create a neat modern look. Nothing about the picture above can be called boring or dull. To add to the effect, instead of a wooden door, glass office doors can be an option too.
Again, styling the office a little with accessories like the vases and the lamps in the picture can totally lift a neutral color palette. The idea is to play around. There are a lot of elements in the office space like office doors with window outlets, walls or small corners that can be smartly utilized to create a great look.
Lighting is another factor that can be utilized to make a neutral palette look fun. Using interesting lighting ideas to brighten up the office space works well. The soft lighting helps to naturally blend in with the neutral colors and create an overall beautiful environment.
When decorating an office, the idea is to create a space that is comfortable and an open, positive working environment. By smart ideas, such a balance can be achieved.

Want a neutral palette to look great? Use these ideas above as inspiration and start decorating today!


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