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5 Tips For Effective Maintenance Of Your Home Windows


A well-maintained, beautifully decorated home is something that everyone loves. After all, pleasant home interiors make for a joyful ambiance. While maintaining your furniture and décor items can be a relatively straightforward task; maintenance of building fixtures like the windows and doors needs the right approach to make it simple. Maintenance of home windows is said to be one of the important aspects that help in keeping your home interiors in a good condition.

First and foremost, installing a good quality window is quintessential. Today, many options for uPVC windows and aluminium windows are available in the market. What makes both the uPVC windows and the aluminium ones preferable are benefits like energy efficiency, sound insulation properties, dust and pollution insulation and much more. In fact, they are very easy to maintain, helping you to keep the home interiors dust-free.

Maintaining a modern uPVC or aluminum window is more than just cleaning the glass; there are a few other aspects that you need to ensure as well. Here is what you should know: –

  1. Keep a Check on the Seals

Most windows today are designed with high-grade joint seals that help keep the window robust. However, keeping a check on the seals is an important aspect of window maintenance. Check for any broken seals because a broken seal lets hot air in while letting the conditioned air out. Because of this, you tend to switch on the air conditioner frequently, which further affects your electricity bills. Along with ensuring the best windows for your home, you also need to ensure that they are properly installed and that the joint sealing is not broken.

  1. Remove Debris from the Window Tracks

Yet another important tip to keep in mind for effective window maintenance, debris in the window tracks occurs over time due to storms, irregular cleaning, and so on. Removing such debris from the window tracks is a crucial part of window maintenance as there are pollens, allergens, and other such things that can affect your health. Adding to this, the accumulation of debris in the window track also jams the path, which makes the opening of the windows difficult. This is especially true if you have a sliding door or window; make sure that the tracks are frequently cleaned. That’s because these windows and doors solely operate on the tracks and if it gets jammed, you may have to face unnecessary hassles. Before you consider the replacement of sliding door and window tracks, undertake timely preventive maintenance by removing debris from the track.

  1. Inspect the Window Panes

Windows are usually designed with double glazed or triple glazed panes nowadays for better insulation. While cleaning the panes with the best glass cleaner product is necessary; inspecting the formation of moisture, condensation, and so on between the double or triple glazed panes is important too. If you notice moisture or any other signs of dampness on the windows, it indicates that the glass sealing is damaged and you need to replace it at the earliest. It is well-known that a broken seal leads to lowering the insulation capacity of the window, which increases the energy costs.

  1. Check the Frame, Hardware, and Mechanics

Well, making sure that the window frames are as robust as they ought to be is yet another aspect of window maintenance that you should know of. The windows should be able to withstand the storm, excessive rain, and other such climatic conditions properly and for that, the frames need to be strong. Inspect for any damaged hardware, if any, and get it repaired at the earliest. In addition to this, keep a check on the hardware and mechanics of the windows. There are various styles of windows available today – casement windows, bay windows, sliding door windows, and so on. Each of them has a different mechanism and you need to ensure that their working condition is fine. Check the hinges, handles and locks, sliding tracks, rainwater seepage tracks, and so on so that the best window for your home remains intact.

  1. Check for Weatherstrips

Lastly, you need to inspect the weatherstrips frequently as they help in reducing air leakage or infiltration. They are either rubber seals or a small fur-like rope and a damaged weatherstrip can cause problems in the near future.

As you can see, window maintenance doesn’t take up much time – all it needs is the right approach and periodic planning.


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