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4 Simple Tips On Garden Design


If you’re one of the few fortunate people in India that actually has a garden, here are a few tips on garden design.

A pretty garden can really turn heads and make you feel good too. It can go beyond just a few plants thrown in for good measure. If you don’t want to invest in landscaping, you can just follow these simple tips to make your garden look good:

1. Maximize the view of your garden with French doors

Whether they are sliding doors or regular doors, floor to ceiling French doors are a must to really enjoy your garden.

2. Plant flowers of every type

Flowers are indispensable when it comes to making your garden look good. Make sure there are blossoms in your garden all the year round. Plant some perennials and some annuals, all of which blossom at different times of the year. A favourite Indian perennial is Bougainvillea which is hardy and does well in most climates. Some popular annual flowers are marigold and petunia.

3. Add ornamental plants too

Don’t restrict yourself only to flowers. Let your garden come to life with plants like ferns, crotons, palms, bonsais, hibiscus etc.

4. Add garden accessories

Include whatever garden accessories your space will permit. You can use bird baths, wind chimes, hanging baskets of flowers, garden furniture, stone statues, pebbles etc. to make your garden look even prettier. Think of stone Buddha head and a readymade waterfall (available in many home accessories shops) for a quick and cheap ‘Zen’ garden.

These simple tips will help you get your garden more organized and looking pretty all the year round!


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