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Monthly Archives: August 2015

  • Bay Window Draperies – Uplifting your Bedroom`s Decor


    We love our bay windows at Fenesta, and even though we think...

  • Design Ideas: Why Bold is Better. 5 Fresh New Design Ideas for You!


    Neutral colors and muted shades have dominated home decor and interiors all...

  • 10 Home Cleaning Tips


    10 Simple Home-cleaning Tips for Working Professionals Balance your home and work...

  • Smart Home Technology For A Better Future


    Smarts Home Technology for a Better Future Right from earlier days to...

  • Gardening Without a Garden? 5 Ideas for Balcony Gardens


    With a balcony garden, get one step closer to nature Do you...

  • Indoor Air Quality And Its Significance At Home


    Breathe Fresh and Live Healthy Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) refers to air...

  • Is Your Home Prepared For This Winter?


    Protect Your Home From Harsh Weather Snuggling under the blanket for longer...

  • Ways To Keep Your Home Free From Urban Air Pollution


    Our air has never been so polluted; the alarming increasing levels of...

  • Want A Great First Impression? Choose The Perfect Front Door


    Let Your Main Door Create Great First Impressions The first impression is...

  • Is There A Right Time To Replace Your Windows?


    A brief on the signs to look for when it's time to...

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