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Built to last, environment friendly, energy efficient, recyclable and insulation against dust and pollution, are few characteristics of Fenesta windows and doors, making it a natural choice when you're seeking green solutions for your home.


Fenesta windows and doors are made of UPVC which is an ideal recyclable material. At the end of their life they can be successfully converted into other useful products, even the waste material generated during manufacturing can be reprocessed, thereby helping in creating a reliable and sustainable future

Conserve Natural Resources

UPVC has replaced wood the world over as the popular framing material. The use of UPVC eliminates dependence on wood which, in turn, leads to forest conservation. Fenesta products therefore help drastically cut down the depletion of world’s most valuable natural resource i.e Wood

Low energy consumption

When used in place of Aluminium, Fenesta windows and doors positively contribute to energy saving, as they use a lot less energy to manufacture compared to aluminium

Indoor Air-Quality

Excellent sealing keeps environmental pollutants like sound, dust and smoke out of home, thereby reducing the health hazards and improving the environmental quality inside the home.

Energy Saving Insulation

With its heat insulating framing material 'UPVC' ( a poor conductor of heat with a very low U value ), double glazing or even triple glazing solutions, and air-tight seals, Fenesta offers perfect insulation against the outside heat, resulting in lower energy consumption and reduced air conditioning costs.

Earn LEED Credits

Our windows - made of recyclable material, using far less energy in production, delivering superior insulation against heat, dust, rain and pollution - can help builders and developers achieve valuable LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating points for their projects.