The home is where the heart lies...
...and when your home is as beautiful as these, there's no doubt where your heart will be!

Explore the thoughts of those architects who pulled off the best residential facades with the perfect balance of #ArtMeetsScience.

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There's no better motivation than an inspired workplace

Just because they had to design a functional space, didn't mean they couldn't have art in it. These architects ensured that #ArtMeetsScience, and added their own personal charisma into the commercial structures they created.

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Art in Architecture

The perfect #ArtMeetsScience moment requires a certain amount of innovation, a dash of daring, and a pinch of creativity. Art is what washes out the everyday struggles from our souls and brings a bit of adventure for our minds. All architecture has a purpose and these masterpieces are a testament to this. What went through the minds of the creators as they drew up the plans for these marvels? Find out all about their innovation and methods, right here.

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