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This is your hub for knowledge and information on windows and doors. Over the years, Fenesta has developed a unique understanding of how they work. This knowledge is shared through this section to help you learn what features and materials enable windows and doors to contribute to your home's comfort


Why should I choose Fenesta?

Fenesta is India's largest windows and doors brand with an experience of over 2.5 million installations in more than 2 lacs homes and several leading hotels, hospitals, institutions, offices across the country. With Fenesta, customers are assured of complete end-to-end service, right from design selection, site survey, manufacturing, installation to after sales service. The infrastructure of 9 signature studios, 178 Channel Partner Showrooms, 4 factories, strong direct sales force of 500+ executives, 365 days customer service centre, helps us to reach out to and serve more than 327 plus cities in India, Nepal and Bhutan. Moreover our products come with 10 year warranty on profiles and 1 year warranty on hardware

Does Fenesta make special sized windows?

Fenesta products can make windows and doors perfectly sized to suit your home. Speak to a Fenesta representative about custom sized products for your home.

Does Fenesta provide colour options?

Yes, Fenesta range of products comes in a variety of colour options. Click here to explore the possibilities

Where can I physically see the Fenesta product range?

You can visit the nearest Fenesta signature studio/ partner showroom / sales office in your city. Just click on the link below Locate Us

Are Fenesta products covered by Warranty?

All Fenesta windows come with 10 year warranty on profile and 1 year warranty on hardware

Do you charge a fee for an in-house estimate?

In-house estimates are welcome and completely free of cost and obligation.

What kind of service does Fenesta give?

Fenesta prides in making long term relationship with its customers through superior customer service. Fenesta has well trained professionals to look after

Window design: Designing the appropriate window based on climatic, wind load, monsoon or design considerations. Fenesta strongly believes in designing for Indian conditions and not super imposing technology used in other country conditions on Indian windows.

Window selection: trained window consultants help you chose the right window for your home

Site survey: Fenesta technicians visit each customer site to take on site measurements and advise the customer on correct timing of installation

Window installation: Fenesta has a well trained team of installers for complete window and door installation in your home in the earliest possible time

Post sales service: Should there be a need; Fenesta's service team is available to take care of any of your after sales requirements.

How can Fenesta help me chose the right window designs?

Fenesta's sales team is adequately trained to help you chose the right window for your requirements. The right design is a function of many parameters. These include:

  • Need (sound proofing, good view, etc)
  • Finish
  • Size of aperture
  • Wind conditions
  • Monsoon conditions

Our sales team will help you make the right choice for your window. They will also help you arrive at the right kind of glass and locking system.

Does Fenesta have its own installation team?

Every installation is completed by our expert team of professional installers. Fenesta's expertise in installation is unmatched. It has handled large projects stretching up to thousands of windows. On the other hand, it can provide personalized installation in an individual home taking utmost care in doing the job in quick time with minimal disturbance.

Will Fenesta take measurements of each and every window aperture?

Trained surveyors measure each and every opening before sending the window for production. It is very important as Fenesta is a factory made product and no changes can be made in it once it is produced.

At what stage should Fenesta windows be fixed?

For a high quality installation, it is critical to recognize the Right time of measurement: Measuring an unfinished aperture will lead to a wrong production. As a result, window may not fit correctly. Hence the measurement must happen on a surface that has been plastered.
Right time of installation: A home under renovation or construction is a messy place with various agencies like flooring, painting, and carpentry doing simultaneous work. Installing windows under such chaos may hamper the quality of windows before they are handed over. The right time to install windows is when the painting is almost over. Fenesta's trained installers are well trained in their job and specialize in completing installation in quick time.

Will Fenesta be available for after sales service?

Fenesta prides itself in making long term relationships with its customers. Post sales service: Should there be a need; Fenesta's service team is available to take care of any of your requirements.

Can I get spare parts for Fenesta products?

Yes. If any Fenesta products need to be replaced simply contact your nearest Fenesta showroom and ours sales team will assist you.

Upon order placement, when can I expect my windows to be installed?

Depending on the product and the manufacturer, your product delivery dates can vary. At the time of signing you will be notified of the approximate installation date.

What kind of maintenance does Fenesta require?

You don't need to do a lot of maintenance work on UPVC windows and doors: no painting, staining, or treatment. From time to time, just clean the interior and exterior frame with a standard soapy household cleaner diluted in water. And simply use a glass cleaner without ammonia for the glass.

Will the colour of Fenesta UPVC / Vinyl fade over a period of time?

Fenesta's UPVC / vinyl blend uses the highest amount of titanium di-oxide; a key ingredient required to maintain the whiteness of windows under harsh UV conditions. This ensures that Fenesta windows do not fade over sustained exposure to sun.

Who do I call if there is a service issue?

Just call Fenesta on 1800 102 9880 and speak to the window professional immediately. If a house call is needed, we will schedule a convenient time with one of our service professionals.

Is it scratch proof? What will happen if scratches appear on the surface?

UPVC window systems are resistant to scratches during normal domestic use. If scratches do appear, they can be polished out.
Still have questions? If you still have questions, please send us an email at or submit the Customer Enquiry form.

Why Should I chose System Aluminum?

The benefits of choosing Fenesta Aluminium Series are truly diverse

A. Thermal Performance

High performance Aluminium windows meet or exceed energy efficiency standards. These windows and doors effortlessly achieve improvements in heat gain and loss through windows by up to 60% giving a tough competition to wooden windows.

B. Reduces Carbon Footprint

The biggest environmental benefit of Aluminium windows is of energy saving. On an average, Aluminium windows with double glazing help you save energy almost thrice of what is required to produce Aluminium frames. With time, the energy savings offset the initial energy input by over 100 times. For homes with electrical heating / cooling or for homes in hot climates, savings can amount to as high as 300 times!

C. Durability and Low Maintenance

Aluminium is corrosion resistant which makes this material low maintenance. Fenesta's Aluminium windows are resistant to wear and tear caused by the harsh weather. They do not split, crack, swell or lose shape ensuring durability and elongated product life.

D. Design Flexibility

With Aluminium framing options, you cannot limit your imagination. It possesses an inherent strength of flexibility hence making the manufacturing of windows and doors possible to exact specifications. With an endless array of systems, finishes and glass options, Aluminium offers a vast range of opportunities. From the cost-effective to most elaborate systems, Fenesta Aluminium Series also delivers excellent thermal performance.

E. Recyclability

Aluminium is known as to have the highest recycling ability with least amount of energy required. As a result, it is environmentally sustainable and 'green'. This inherent property differentiates it from other framing resources.