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We are committed to providing the best solutions for every home in India. Supreme quality and incredible features is the hallmark that makes us India's No.1 window brand. Read on. Discover how our windows and doors can transform your home and the way you live

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Energy Efficient

Reduce your air conditioning costs

Gone are the days when the roles of windows and doors in the house were limited to just being sources of natural light and fresh air, or easing the access into the rooms (in case of doors).

Today, doors and windows have gained importance as an indispensable energy saving component in house building.

As per 'Energy Star (USA)' 25 - 50 percent of energy loss in a building energy is through fenestration by:-

  • Air leakage

    The passage of hot outdoor air through gaps between window/door frame and the wall in summers

  • Conduction

    The direct transfer of heat through the frame from the outside to the inside

  • radiation

    The movement of infrared heat energy through the glass


These problems can be kept to minimum by improving the energy efficiency and performance of your windows and doors. In fact, use of energy efficient windows and doors can help reduce your energy bills by almost 7%-15%.

We, at Fenesta understand the importance of curtailing the ever growing energy expenses and therefore have built into our products three energy-saving features that minimize the cost of heating and cooling your home without sacrificing the aesthetics:

  • The material of construction

    UPVC - A poor conductor of heat, UPVC neither retains nor transfers heat indoors. Aluminium does both. The U-Value (the calculation of conducting properties) of UPVC is comparable to wood and far less than Aluminium.

  • air tight sealing

    Use of fusion welded joints, multi-chambered profiles, multiple point locks and silicone sealant for airtight sealing that prevents the conditioned cold air from escaping out and hot air from flowing in.

  • double insulation

    All Fenesta windows and doors can be fitted with double or triple insulated glass, which is often used in modern buildings with high green rating - as the means to save power.

Result: Energy cost reduces dramatically as your air conditioner runs less often.