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We are committed to providing the best solutions for every home in India. Supreme quality and incredible features is the hallmark that makes us India's No.1 window brand. Read on. Discover how our windows and doors can transform your home and the way you live

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Each product is tailor made for your home

First we talk to you about your tastes, understand your requirements, listen to what you are trying to achieve. Then we design the windows and doors you need: casement, sliding, tilt & turn, combination or something special. The choice is yours - but the quality is always the finest.

Like a Lego set, Fenesta products are modular in nature and can be made in attractive shapes and sizes to suit your specific needs. We offer myriad of customizable options:

  • Over 700+ Style Option

    Extend your design palette, from casement and sliders to combinations of fixed, slider and casements windows and doors, tilt & turn windows, composite doors, bay windows and even corner windows with glass-to-glass joints; we offer a product for every room.

  • Large Sizes

    Modern homes have fewer walls and more windows and doors. Fenesta frames can be made to stretch from the floor to the ceiling and span balconies, adding a sense of space to living areas.

  • Create More Living Space

    Fenesta doors connect different parts of your home. Fenesta slider can replace a wall allowing easy movement from one area to another and actually create more open space with a better view.

  • Glass Options

    Laminated glass, toughened glass, reflective glass and other designer glass can be offered on demand with single, double and triple glazing to ensure superior insulation.

  • Match windows and doors with interiors

    All products can be customised in colour based on the type of look you desire for your home. Make your selection from a rich wood finish - light oak, walnut and mahogany - or go with pristine white. Several imported lock designs are also available to allow you choose the one that matches your finish and decor.

  • Grills & Mesh

    You have an option add grill and mesh in your chosen window or the door system to protect you from theft and insects respectively.

  • System Options

    Choose from different profile systems – series 1500, series 2000, villa series – designed keeping in mind the wind loads and your specific requirements.

Result:Combinations of the above different components make possible countless designs, shapes and sizes, from the modern to the traditional and ensure high degree of customization.