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Thermal Break Slide and Fold Aluminium Door by Fenesta can open partially for easy access or wall to wall for an unobstructed view. These doors are energy efficient, built to last, and provide better ventilation along with enhanced heat insulation to keep the temperature cool inside. Seamlessly blending into your home-s interiors and exteriors, Fenesta-s thermal break slide and fold doors will change the way you see doors. The innovative range of thermal break aluminium doors by Fenesta has superior heat insulation as the door profile includes an extra layer of Nylon: Polyamide.

Features & Benefits

  • 125kg weight carrying capacity per sash, allows higher glass weight & Size
  • Submerged threshold: easy accessibility of wheelchair
  • Continuous barrier between the window frames prevents conductive thermal energy loss
  • Ensures higher sound insulation when closed
  • Multi-point locking systems and high-security hinges
  • Thermal break slide and fold doors offer complete access to the outdoors
  • Offers high functional flexibility as well as aesthetically pleasing form factor

Recommended For

  • Bedrooms, Kitchen, Study rooms, Bathrooms and AC Rooms

Available Design

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