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Elegant, chic, and functional – that is what sliding doors stand for. Keeping up with the beauty and functionality of these doors, Fenesta offers a premium range of aluminium sliding doors that are designed to spruce up your home and office interiors. Our range of sliding doors is made with high-quality materials to ensure that these doors are robust and durable. In addition to this, Fenesta’s sliding doors are a perfect match for contemporary architecture and also score high on functionality. Being a leading manufacturer of premium quality sliding doors, we make sure that our customers are offered only the best and no compromise is made on the quality front. We offer aluminium sliding doors at great prices in India. With stylish patterns, easy gliding mechanisms, and a strong design statement, these doors are among the best choices to grace your home and office interiors.

Features & Benefits

  1. A minimum visible interlock of 0.023 m helps in providing maximum visibility and natural lighting.
  2. The doors are designed with premium quality stainless steel rails which help in ensuring a smooth sliding operation.
  3. It has superior quality rollers that can withstand a weight of up to 200 Kgs.
  4. Since aluminium does not rust, these sliding doors are highly durable.
  5. The cost of aluminium sliding doors presents great value for money with their numerous benefits.
  6. It requires very little maintenance. You can use mild soapy water and a soft cloth to clean these doors.

Recommended For

  • Bedrooms, Balconies, Large/Tall openings

Available Design

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Being a leading aluminium sliding doors manufacturer in India, at Fenesta, we make sure that no compromise is made as far as the product quality is concerned. In addition to this, we offer a plethora of options from where our customers can select a sliding door design that best suits their requirements. We have various sections for aluminium sliding door frames which are segmented based on their use and design. At Fenesta, we not only believe in offering the best quality products to our customers but also emphasise on precision and perfection in our manufacturing processes....

If you are looking to buy aluminium sliding doors online, here are some of the styles offered by Fenesta that you should check out: –

1. Aluminium Sliding Doors for the Bathroom

No one ever said that bathroom doors cannot be beautiful. Keeping this in mind, Fenesta offers an exclusive range of aluminium sliding doors for the bathroom that is designed to spruce up the interiors for a rejuvenating look. Some of the benefits of choosing internal aluminium sliding doors for your bathing space are: –

  • They give the interior space a more gracious and seamless look
  • These doors can be designed with functional handles, where you can hang towels and so on.
  • Aluminium sliding doors work well with large as well as small spaces.
  • Since the doors slide sideways, they do not require a lot of space.
  • Because of the sliding mechanism, there are lesser risks of getting hurt.

2. Aluminium Sliding Doors for the Balcony

Also known as patio doors, these enhance the beauty of your balcony and backyards. Though aluminium-clad sliding patio doors are the latest entry in interior design, they have become quite popular. At Fenesta, we offer a beautiful range of patio doors in different colours like champagne gold, walnut, and diamond grey, to name a few. Our aluminium-clad sliding patio doors are designed to offer a lot of benefits like: –

  • Smooth operation
  • Even though the aluminium sliding doors are used for a balcony, they require very little maintenance
  • The doors can withstand any climatic changes and are termite resistant
  • Offer a picturesque and panoramic view of the outside.
  • Fenesta offers aluminium sliding patio doors at competitive prices

Best Aluminium Sliding Door Designs by Fenesta

The installation of aluminium sliding doors by Fenesta at your home or office space will effortlessly grace up the interiors. Some of the designs offered by Fenesta include:

1. Aluminium Slide and Swing doors

A type of system aluminium sliding doors by Fenesta, slide and swing doors are generally divided in 4 to 6 sections. In these doors, the corner panels are swing doors and the middle panels are sliding doors. They are also known as external aluminium sliding doors as they work great as balcony or patio doors. They work well for all seasons and are one of the most preferred types in medium-sized houses.

2. Aluminium Stacking Sliding Doors

One of the most popular types of aluminium sliding doors, these are designed with multiple sliding panels that help provide a wider and larger opening. These doors come with multiple lock points for enhanced security that make them long-lasting. These 3- to 4-panel aluminium sliding doors work well as patio doors, bathroom doors, and so on.

3. Aluminium Folding Sliding Doors

These aluminium sliding doors are a commercial hit. The doors are energy efficient, come with multiple seals to minimise air leakage, and are highly durable. Available as double panel aluminium sliding door, triple panel, or more, these doors can definitely be considered.

Being sturdy, stylish, and functional, these aluminium sliding doors can be used for the kitchen, bedroom, and as entrance doors as well. Fenesta’s range of aluminium sliding doors is available online at the best prices. Revamp your interiors with Fenesta’s premium range of slim aluminium sliding door frames. If you wish to get an online quote for aluminium sliding doors or have any doubt regarding aluminium glass sliding doors price, you can always get in touch with us.