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MESH Options

Security and insects are a major concern in virtually every city in India. Therefore Fenesta windows and doors come with an option of mesh as well as grill to safeguard your home against insects and theft, without sacrificing ventilation. Browse through the styles below to pick the one best suited to your need

Aluminium Doors Mesh Options

  • Fiber Glass

    Most commonly used window mesh material, it does not corrode, rust, dent or unravel. It is flexible, economical and easy to install solution

  • Stainless Steel

    Made of stainless steel wires woven into a mesh. It is extremely durable and has superior strenth. It comes in black colour, offers excellent outdoor visibility - "CLEAR VIEW" , better air-flow and excellent resistance to rust and corrosion.


    If you have pets that constantly tear into your screens, go for the heavier and strong pet resistant mesh. It​ is resistant to tear and damage caused by pets. Caution - Pet resistant mesh blocks visibility"

Mesh styles

  • Pull Down

    A lighter mesh variant that rolls up and opens down with one swift movement. It comes fitted with high quality imported mechanism that ensures smooth and easy movement of mesh frame. It is best suited for casement outward opening windows.


    Lightweight, compact and easy to operate, this mesh is pleated unlike others which are flat. Reinforced with a string, it has a horizontal sideways movement, and allows for better visibility. Best suited for casement door systems or long span doors.