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What kind of mesh will my windows get?

In tropical areas, people tend to fight daily battles with flies, mosquitoes and other small insects.

We can outfit your windows with a mesh to keep all of these minor annoyances at bay and we�ve got a few options for you to choose from, listed below:

Pull-Down Mesh: This is a lighter mesh variant that rolls up and opens down in one swift movement. Fitted with high quality imported rollers, the brake mechanism on this mesh takes care of a slow upward roll without any top-banging.

Mesh Options for Casement Windows

Retrofit Slider: This is a mesh option for slider windows and can be foiled to match the UPVC frame it�s intended to fit. It is fit over an additional track over the slider window track and slides like the regular slider sash. The retrofit slider is removable for easy cleaning and the gaps between sashes are fitted with wood pile for a strong seal.

Mesh Options for Slider Windows

All Fenesta window frames are no maintenance fixtures. These frames do not require polishing or painting unlike wooden and aluminium frames. They are termite resistant and offer superior service looking as good as new for years. This is why, in the long run, your Fenesta fitment will offer you value for money.

Our wide range of window design options allow you to choose the best solution to make your home look airy, spacious, naturally illuminated and ventilated at all times. Fenesta�s contemporary windows and doors transform the look of your house inside out thereby enhancing the way you live by leaps.

And we assure you that adding the mesh to your windows will have no negative affect on the aesthetics of your home. We�ll help you keep your home the way you want it to be and nature where it�s supposed to be.

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