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Fenesta Bungalow & Villa Windows For Home

Introducing the World's First UPVC Casement Window for Noise, Rain, Insects and Grill Protection

Fenesta technology has made the traditional Indian window the best it can ever be form and function combine to give you a complete solution for Indian villas.

The Fenesta Villa Window is equipped with special features for Indian Homes

Integrated grill

The security grill is an absolute necessity in homes across India. In traditional home windows, the grill is screwed to the masonry whereas in the Villa Window design, it's integrated with clamps making homes much safer.

Protection from insects and mosquitoes

In India, protection against mosquitoes is a universal window requirement. A bug mesh in the inner sash of the Villa Window system blocks the entry of mosquitoes and insects when you open the window for ventilation. This is the first UPVC casement window in the world to accommodate a grill in the same frame as a mesh.

The Perfect Solution for Indian Homes

The Fenesta Villa/Bungalow Window combines the benefits of UPVC

  • No Noise. No Dust. No Rain

    Traditional windows have gaps in the frame and between the wall and frame. In comparison, the Villa Window is double-sealed and has multiple-point locks, making the window airtight and watertight - creating a permanent barrier against noise, dust, pollution, rain and wind. In addition, double and triple glazing options further improve insulation.

  • Huge energy savings

    The UPVC frame of the Villa Window does not retain or transfer heat indoors. The double/triple glazing and the airtight insulation prevent cold air from escaping and hot air from entering. Result: Reduction in air-conditioning costs - by as much as 30% in some cases.

  • No threat of termites. Zero maintenance

    Wood attracts termites and UPVC doesn't. As you know, a termite-eaten wooden window has to be replaced - at considerable cost. Wood requires regular polishing and panting and tends to warp.

  • Larger sizes of sheer glass with no need for strength enhancing members

    The steel reinforced frame of the Villa Window allows you to create large sizes. Traditional wooden windows are not strong and need the support of bars that crisscross, forming little squares that obstruct sunlight and the view.

  • Factory-made quality and consistency

    No two wooden windows can be alike due to inconsistent texture and variations in workmanship. No such risk with the factory-made, precision-engineered Fenesta Villa window.

  • Go 'green'. Save trees

    The use of a wooden window causes deforestation. Made of recyclable UPVC, the Villa Window not only saves trees but also takes approximately 40% less energy to produce than an aluminium window. Its thermal insulation and sealing helps conserve energy and earns vital LEED rating points for a Green Building.

  • Lower lifetime cost

    High quality teak costs the earth. First: it is difficult to find. And second: it is expensive to maintain. It chips and fades and needs frequent repairs and a coat of paint or varnish. Besides, the hardware is often untested and gives way every year or two. In the long run, the Villa Window works out much more economical and can outlast buildings.

  • Enhanced aesthetics

    Get a variety of wood finishes without the design flaws of a wooden window. Choose from Mahogany and teak wood finishes like light oak, and walnut in addition to a matching golden handle.

Expand your design palette

Fenesta presents complete window solutions for every room in every home

Introduce uniformity right across your home with flawless windows in each room. Explore endless design possibilities. Make a lifelong investment in aesthetics, functionality and easy-to-operate ergonomics. Improve indoor environment and enhance the façade in one stroke.

Living rooms

Living rooms:

Bay windows for areas that require both natural light, airtight insulation – and protection against insects when you open the windows for ventilation. Special options with glass to glass joints enhance aesthetics and allow maximum light.

Ground floor bedrooms

Ground floor bedrooms:

Villa casement windows that provide a combination of airtight insulation, grills and protection against insects through a mesh.

Higher floor bedrooms

Higher floor bedrooms:

Sliders that can span large sizes without cross members and can be engineered with 'Hurricane Bar' to withstand high velocity winds and 'Monsoon Track' for torrential rains.

Kitchen and Bathrooms

Kitchen and Bathrooms:

Casement windows with Top hung option that open and close easily to enable good ventilation. Exhaust fans can be installed on the glass.



Large sliding doors that can unite balconies with bedrooms, allow adequate sunlight, provide excellent view and insulation against noise and dust.



Chose from fixed windows or an option of Top hung opening to light up your stairs.

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