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Weather Proof Windows

Fenesta Building Systems is a home to a range of innovative window and door designs that have been conceptualised for the Indian weather conditions. Our engineers have carefully studied the weather fluctuations in India and accordingly come up with weather resistant windows.Our windows are low maintenance and do not require paint or polish jobs. They are termite resistant and can stay as good as new for years together.

All Fenesta weather resistant windows are made up of a special UV resistant UPVC blend. This special blend makes our windows fade resistant and exhibits exemplary performance through the harsh Indian summers. The blend contains some other special additives namely:

  • Titanium dioxide for a stable colour all through intense UV exposure for years. Your window keeps looking as good as new. For maintenance, you just have to wipe off the dirt with a soapy water soaked soft cloth.
  • Impact modifiers provide strength to the windows to sustain heavy wind loads. All the frames and sashes are steel reinforced to provide a tough exterior.
  • Heat stabilizers in the window UPVC blend ensure that the shape and lustre of Fenesta windows remain intact.

Apart from these chemicals, some physical attributes of a Fenesta weather resistant window are:

  • The windows have a multi chambered and fusion welded built to ensure that the frame has no gaps left. This perfect seal is teamed with a multi-point locking system and all the remaining gaps between the window and the wall are filled up with a special silicon sealant.
  • Special rain track mechanisms can be incorporated within the Fenesta windows during manufacture to make your windows monsoon resistant. This mechanism can sustain torrential downpours by deflecting every drop of rain. The sill arrangement and rain drain designs are apt for moderate rain affected areas.
  • Sound and dust are prevalent all over India. Fenesta helps you get rid of these as well! The sound resistant windows from Fenesta offer noise reduction by a huge margin leaving you resting in a peaceful indoor ambience. The insulator properties that apply for sound resistance also work on dust leaving your home spic and span.
Weather Proof Windows

Fenesta is a manufacturer of quality weather resistant windows that offer total protection to your home. Come visit a Fenesta outlet and discover the best window solution to best suit your needs.

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