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Design FreedomSpecial and Modern Window Designs

Tilt and turn, bay windows, arch windows and combinations of sliding windows and casement windows joined in the same plane without any thick sight lines are all possible.

Design Freedom

Fenesta offers countless designs, styles and shapes, from the traditional to the modern. These include bays, arches, tilt and turn and combination windows.

Standard Designs & Window Shapes

Window Styles for Tilt and Turn Window, French Window and Sliding Windows

Colors & Finish

  • Fenesta offers a rich wood finish (light oak and mahogany) apart from pristine white.
  • Different finishes as per client requirements can also be offered for large orders.

Match windows with the decor of each room

Color Options
Color Options

Seamless Combination of Sliders & Casement Windows

This special design of the Combination Window helps integrate fixed and sliding windows in a single plane without any thick sight lines. The fixed window can be below or on top or on both sides.

Seamless Combination of Sliders & Casement Windows

Large Sizes: Replace walls with windows

Modern homes have fewer walls and more windows. Fenesta offers windows and doors doors that can stretch from the floor to the ceiling and span balconies, adding a sense of space to living areas. The strength of a window is determined more by the size of the reinforcement and less by the thickness of the profile. Large sash sizes are possible with thicker reinforcements and not thicker profiles.

For 3000 Pascal wind loads you can create a sliding window sash of 1200mm (width) by 2400mm (height) without any rattling.

In most cases, you can cover the width of an entire balcony with series 3000. In exceptionally wide sashes, a mid rail supports the glass and adds an element of style. In casements the size of a sash can be 850mm (width) and 1800 mm (height) for a side hung design (opening inside or outside).

Sash Size Graph

Profile range

Fenesta window systems are modular in nature. Like a Lego set, a combination of different components present different solutions.

Sliding System for Sliding Windows, Sliding Doors Casement System for Casement Windows and Doors Auxiliary Profile for PVC Windows

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