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Barrier Against Strong Wind Resistant to Strong Winds

The Indian landscape is no stranger to thunderstorms. The coastal areas face high velocity winds teamed with torrential rains during the monsoon months. In order to protect your home from such hurricanes and cyclones, Fenesta engineers have come up with innovative window solutions that ensure no rattling frames and whistling windows - How is a Fenesta window different from a local made wood/aluminium alternative?

The material used to manufacture a Fenesta window is a special blend of UPVC. Furthermore, the UPVC frame is strengthened from within by steel reinforcements to provide a tough exterior to all frames and sashes.No wood/ aluminium / PVC or Steel frame can offer as much support as Fenesta's steel reinforced UPVC window.

Wind Speed across India is very high - Fenesta Air Tight Windows & Doors act as barriers against strong windsFenesta Air Tight Doors & Windows can withstand the impact of High Velocity Winds

This tough frame can hold narrow double glazed toughened glass and offer superior insulation from external elements like rain, noise, dust, pollution, heat and air from seeping indoors. Moreover, every Fenesta fitment can be reinforced with a hurricane bar that can bear wind speedsup to 203 km/h. Thanks to your Fenesta windows ,all the pandemonium outside cannot harm your precious upholstery, carpeting and curtains.

Fenesta windows and doors are fusion welded and multi chambered with a multiple point locking system. These features make the window or door unit a quality insulator from air, dust, noise and pollution. The silicon sealant filled in the gaps between window and wall further make your room air tight, increasing the efficiency of your air conditioner. These air tight windows and doors help in lower energy consumption. Fenesta Building Systems is India's premier manufacturer of UPVC window and door solutions. The installation process is carried out by a team of professionals in a hassle free manner and a survey team constantly monitors the same. These measures ensure that the delivery is made within the set timelines. Hence your Fenesta experience will meet your expectations.

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