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Replacement Windows

Are your sick and tired of the high energy bills you are paying every month in spite of the fact your house is not energy efficient? Most probably the reason behind this may be that currently your home windows have become deteriorated / drafty or non-functional. If this is the case, then you should probably consider window replacement.

At Fenesta, we offer an exclusive range of UPVC Windows that can be easily replaced to fit the exact shape and size of your current windows that have deteriorated. Old wooden or aluminum windows that have not been maintained properly often get drafty with times resulting in water seepage and other such problems. Fenesta�s entirely new range of UPVC Windows and window replacement services can help you overcome all such problems. Our window replacement service is perfect to help your house attain better efficiency in terms of energy consumption like cooling.

Considering window replacement is also good for those who want to refurbish their home interiors or simply upgrade their existing windows. Replacing the entire set of doors and windows could be pretty expensive. This is why we provide replacement windows made of UPVC with better styling and affordable pricing. Our UPVC Windows are maintenance free, once they have been installed. We also provide a variety of colors to match the interiors of your home. Whatever the shape of your existing window is, we can provide you an ultimate solution with our entirely new range of UPVC Windows for replacement. Besides helping you to save energy and lower your electricity bills, our UPVC products are fit for usage in household as well as for commercial purposes. They are totally whether proof, which means that they will not wither with heavy rainfall or shade away under sustained exposure to sun.

Besides offering several options for design and styling of door and windows at Fenesta, we also offer site-surveys so that we can guide our customers for selecting the most appropriate designs for their homes and offices. We provide a comprehensive range of UPVC Window and door products to choose from. We have also maintained a dedicated customer care number - 1800 102 9880 for taking care of all the enquiries and after sales services.

Replacement Window

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