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Drawing of all components of a Casement Window

Detailed Diagram

Outer Frame Section
  • Three chambered section with a slope for the outer frame of the window
  • Large reinforcement chamber
Sash Frame Section
  • Three chamber section for open-able sash
  • Euro groove for fixing standard hardware
  • Drainage chamber for easy water drainage
  • Large reinforcement chamber

Transom / Mullion frame section Top
  • “T” & “Z” sections provide internally glazed windows (all designs)
  • Steel sections for optimum strength
  • Different thickness of steel for different strength requirements (in the Premium range)
  • Drains out rainwater
  • Face or sill drain for the outer frame
  • Concealed drainage for the sash
Multi point locking mechanism (Espaglollette) Top
  • Provides proper sealing
  • Different sizes
  • Available in coated steel and SS (anti corrosion measure in coastal regions)
Friction hinge
  • The connecting mechanism between sash and outer-frame
  • Window can be kept open at any angle even at windy conditions
  • Available for both top hung and side hung windows
Gasket and glazing bead
  • To secure the glass on the frame or the sash
  • To prevent any leakage glass and the frame
  • Different bead for different glass type (Single/double/triple glass)
  • Different gasket for different glass thickness within a type`
Espagnollette keep Top
  • To provide locking points for the espagnollette
  • Made of zinc alloy and coated with zinc for corrosion resistance
  • Night vent option (allows ventilation even when the window is fully locked)
Welded corners
  • Leak proof joint
  • Corners that are stronger than other parts of the window increase the structural strength of the system

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