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Home interior painting ideas

Whether you’ve just built a spanking new house or are refurbishing an old apartment, there’s nothing quite as exciting as choosing house paint. The palates are interesting and the shades endless. Home paints are where you can experiment and show off your personality. However it’s important to get the colours of home paints right or your house will be one bigpainting job gone horribly wrong - rather than a beautiful interplay of myriad colours.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Light colours expand, dark colours condense: Before you start to paint house, take stock of space. If you want a space to look spacious and airy, stick to light colours like beige, white or cream. If you have a large enough space, and don’t mind if it looks a little smaller, paint it in dark colours like red, chocolate brown or burgundy.

Samples: Home interior painting ideas don’t look the same on walls as they do in brochures. So make sure you dab a small area of the wall first to check if it’s the shade that you want.

Always choose from the same colour family: When you paint house walls in different colours, always make sure the colours complement each other. For this, you need to choose from the same colour family. For instance, if you’re painting one wall orange, another wall could be a shade of pale yellow and not blue, which is from a different colour family.

Once you’ve got these basics right, here are a few looks you might want to try in your home:

Bedroom: Psychologists say that colours influence your mood. While it is always a question of personal choice, it is often advisable to paint your bedroom in soothing colours, which calm the mind and also help you sleep better. Beige, cream and white are good colours to paint your room in. For a dash of colour, you could paint one wall in the room a colour like lavender, sky blue or pastel yellow. Remember not to copy magazine spreads blindly – those bedrooms might look beautiful but may be impractical to live in.

Living room: The living room gives you ample room to play with different colours. You can paint the living room in just about any hue depending on the furniture and whether you want the space to look smaller or larger. Red, orange, turquoise, beige and burgundy are some popular colours that add life to the space. To up the glam quotient a bit, you could use metallic-finish home paint on one wall.

Staircase: The staircase is an often neglected area. Paint the wall on the staircase with a bright, happy colour like orange, yellow or lime green and place family pictures (preferably in black and white) all along the staircase. This will draw the eye immediately to the area and add an aura of warmth.

With some of these tips in mind, go ahead and paint your home with confidence. The compliments are sure to come pouring in.

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