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Can we keep insects out without sacrificing ventilation?

Casement Windows Often, windows are kept closed – day and night – for fear of insects and mosquitoes. Obviously, closed windows block much needed fresh air.

The Fenesta Villa Window allows you to open the window and keep insects out at the same time. The window has two frames. The outer frame is fitted with glass and can be kept open. The inner frame has a fibre glass mesh which is kept closed when the outer frame is open. With this unique arrangement, you get ventilation – and no mosquitoes – without compromising security because of the grill.

In sliding windows, an additional sliding frame with a fibre glass insect screen can be fitted – and can be removed for cleaning whenever required.

In casement windows, a pull down fibre glass mesh can be fitted. This allows you to keep the glass frame in an open position for ventilation while keeping the mesh pulled down to prevent the entry of insects. Once you open the glass frame, it stays in that position. It has a friction hinge that keeps the frame from moving even in the face of a breeze.

Conventional wood and aluminium windows are often difficult to open. The inferior hardware breaks or jams. These problems disappear once you install Fenesta windows.

They open and shut with utmost ease – at all times.

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