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Why Choose UPVC windows & Doors?

Fenesta Building Systems brings you a range of beautiful window designs that will change the aesthetics of your home. Install a Fenesta window and feel the difference in your style of living. Since, every house has a unique aesthetic value attached to it, at Fenesta we understand how much a window can alter your house’s artistry.

Consequently, our expert engineering team has come up with innovative window solutions that span across designs ranging from sliders to casements to bays to tilt-and-turns to villa until combination windows. You can select any of these designs and customise them according to the interiors of your home. All your specific needs like window’s height, colour, insulation or weather proofing will be catered to in the final blueprint.

Cleanliness of a household is the major concern of every home maker. The gaps between wall and window are sealed with silicon whereas windows come with double seals in the form of EPDM gaskets or wool pile. This tight fit ensures a dust free home. Moreover, teaming up a window with double glazed toughened glass can cut down noise pollution and also enhances security. Fenesta windows come with a multiple point lock system to ensure a high security for your home. The locks can be chosen according to the window’s colour or the interior’s needs. They are easy to operate and one swift movement is enough to lock them. Fenesta window locks are available in white, chrome, black and Champaign gold shades. The casement window locks especially have been stylishly crafted to provide a chic look to your doors and windows.

In the last six years, Fenesta Building Systems has successfully installed over a million windows all over India. Call up a Fenesta representative today and with the help of our expert engineering team, figure out the best possible window solution for your premises. We ensure you a smooth journey right through design conception up to delivery.It’s time to live life king size!

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