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FAQs - Fenesta and You

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Q. How does Fenesta improve the quality of my home?

Fenesta windows transform lives.
They make your home better ventilated by providing larger sash sizes as compared to a traditional window. As a result air circulation improves inside your home.
A Fenesta window can stretch from the floor to ceiling and span entire balconies without compromising on the strength. This translated to an excellent view of the outside world without getting disturbed by the noise outside. You can now enjoy an uninterrupted view while relaxing with a cup of coffee inside your home.

Superior engineering ensures that noise, dust, rain, noise and pollution remain outside forever. Fenesta windows are fitted with multiple point locks, double seals and fusion welded joints. These ensure peace and quiet in your home.

Superior sealing also translates into thermal insulation. Air conditioning costs of your home come down substantially.

This window also comes with the distinction of an integrated rain drain solution which removes accumulated water and stops overflow inside a room.

Fenesta has made a unique solution for monsoon prone areas. A specially designed rain track ensures that monsoons stay outside forever.

You can also forget the problem of rattling windows. Fenesta windows are structurally strong that remain stable in face of gale winds. They can be fitted with a hurricane bar to further increase strength.

Fenesta keeps you upto date with latest designs. These include bays, arches, tilt and turn and combination windows. You can chose from a variety of finishes like pristine white, wood, chocolate brown, beige and grey.

Above all, you can be guaranteed a complete peace of mind. Fenesta takes care of all service aspects. These include design, measurement, installation and post sales.

Q. Does Fenesta increase the asset value of my home?

Fenesta windows have a life as much as that of the building. They require negligible maintenance. They make a home sound proof, lower heating and air conditioning bills and improve the aesthetics dramatically. These windows are well sealed and ensure no water leaks, no plaster damage. With some occasional simple cleaning these windows will look like new for years.

The hardware used in Fenesta windows is of a far higher quality than the norm, particularly when compared to aluminium windows.

No doubt, a home fitted with Fenesta has a higher value attached to it than the one without.

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