Fenesta Windows and Doors are made from a special blend of UPVC and have many benefits over Aluminium, Steel and Wooden Windows and Doors.
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UPVC Windows v/s Aluminium Windows v/s Wooden Windows

UPVC is one of the most preferred window framing material across the world and is now gaining popularity in Indian market as well due to its highly-efficient performance ratings.

So if you are renovating your home or building a new one please look at the table below for comparisons with traditional wood and aluminium. This will help guide you to make your decision

UPVC Windows Aluminium Windows Wooden Windows
Durability under Extreme Weather right

Fenesta UPVC windows do not expand or contract


Expands and Contracts under extreme weather conditions


Expands and Contracts under extreme weather conditions

Insulation from Heat right
Fenesta UPVC windows provides a superior insulation to your home from outside heat as UPVC is a poor conductor of heat
Aluminium (being a metal) is a good conductor of heat and therefore cannot provide insulation from heat
Wood is a poor conductor of heat
U-Value (Lower the U-Value of the material higher the heat insulation ) right
0.2 – 0.4
Aluminium (no thermal break) – 1.7 to 2.4
Aluminium (with thermal break) – 0.6 to 1.3
0.3 – 0.5
Low Maintenance right
Fenesta UPVC windows and doors require no painting, only routine cleaning
Aluminium windows and doors need painting over long periods of time
Wooden windows need regular painting and polishing
Environmental Friendly (Green) right
Fenesta UPVC Windows and doors are environment friendly as they require very less energy at time of production
Aluminium window and door frames use large amount of energy in production
Wooden windows and doors use tropical hardwoods which are ecologically unsound
Termite Resistance right
Fenesta UPVC Windows and doors are not prone to termites

Aluminium windows and doors do not attract termites

Wooden windows and doors are prone to termites
Resistance to Rust right
Fenesta UPVC Windows do not rust

Aluminium windows have white rust

Wooden windows do not rust
Fade Resistant/UV Resistant right
Fenesta UPVC Windows and doors have UV resistant blend and do not fade under long term exposure to sun

If Aluminium windows have a coating of paint then it starts fading after sustained exposure to Sun

Wooden windows and doors start fading very soon; require constant repolishing
Self Extinguishing right
Fenesta UPVC windows are self extinguishing

Aluminium windows are not self extinguishing

Wooden windows can catch fire easily

A pioneer in Indian UPVC Window market, Fenesta’s proprietary uPVC formulation and extrusion process make window frames that deliver superior performance, energy efficiency and environmental sustainability

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